What is Steel Construction?

Steel construction is a building system where all structural elements are made of steel. It is particularly preferred in geographical regions prone to earthquakes and is commonly used for structures such as factory buildings, hangars, sports facilities, warehouses, and workshops. Steel construction systems are known for their wide spans and heights.

Why Choose Steel Construction?

Steel construction has become a significant alternative in recent years due to laws related to urban renewal, aiming to improve and beautify the existing physical conditions and the environment while creating a healthier urban environment.

Advantages of Steel Construction:

  • It offers a fast and cost-effective construction process.
  • The construction process is not affected by weather conditions.
  • Provides high energy efficiency with different and economical solutions for various climatic conditions.
  • It is the most earthquake-resistant building system known worldwide.
  • Due to its lightweight nature, it can be constructed even in challenging soil conditions.

Steel Construction Manufacturing

After architectural and structural planning is completed, the steel construction supporting system is manufactured in our factory environment with precision and speed, ensuring a flawless product.

Steel Construction Assembly

Steel construction materials are transported to the site and assembled quickly by our expert personnel. Our company adheres to Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, striving to minimize potential risks. Our employees hold professional qualifications and certificates, including working at heights, and all machinery undergoes annual inspections by authorized companies.